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Tuition T & C's- Fee Structure 2023/2024

  • A non-refundable application fee is payable on application for all enrolments whether full time, part time or tutorials, the non-refundable application fees excludes workshop participants only.

  • For full time students: The non-refundable minimum initial payment of R9330 confirms registration, if a place is available.

  • Sagan Academy reserves the right to withhold courses and/or internal exam results should any fees not be settled by 1 December of a given academic year. Accounts of more than 21 days in arrears are handed over for collection and the learner is refused entry to the school premises until such time as arrears are fully paid.

  • Please take note of limited student numbers per Science workshops and exam preparation workshop, as well as for students taking individual subjects. Preferences will be given to full time students first. 

  • For part-time students – less than 3 days per week, or selected subjects only tuition, or monthly workshop or laboratory practice - no discount on fees is relevant. Fees are paid in advance per term or per workshop.

  • Fees exclude textbooks ,external international exam fees and all excursions, camps, socials, the End-of-Year functions and the like.

  • Each student must be in possession of a laptop or smart phone.

  • All discounts for full time students apply solely to tuition fees; this therefore excludes exam fees, practical fees and educational activity fees. 

  • A family bursary of 5% of the tuition fee is awarded to the sibling / siblings of registered pupils (Siblings are two or more children having at least one parent in common (per birth cert confirmation), provided they live in the same household, and provided the same person is responsible for their accounts). 

  • 10% discount applies if tuition fees are settled in full by 31 December of the previous year.

  • 7.5% discount applies tuition fees if settled in full upon commencement of studies, this being the first day of classes per the academic calendar. For the commencement of studies of new students starting after the first day of class per the academic calendar, this discount only applies up to and including the 1 February of a given year.

  • Excludes additional/extra mural activities fee; these should be budgeted for to include costs for all excursions including transport, and monthly socials.

  • There may be additional level or subject specific excursion fees and transport costs.

  • Transport services, extra lessons, catering, required uniform  and/or any additional fees that are no tuition fees are invoiced separately.

  • Payments must be by direct deposit or electronic transfer.

  • For our students’ safety, cash payments cannot be accepted at the Academy..

  • In terms of this agreement you undertake to notify Sagan Academy Pty Ltd, in writing, via email with proof of payment to



Academic management

                        Bronwyn Ansell

       Founder & Director -Sagan Centre (Pty) Ltd


Accounts and Admin - outsourced to Oaktree Books

Oaktree books.png

All accounts, invoices and quotations for studies, Checkpoint exam invoices and finance related queries are outsourced to Oaktree books. 

Please contact Debbie Kouskos for accounts administration queries only.

+27 83 693 8953

 Considering blended learning whilst attending at Sagan Academy?

*Online Courses taken elsewhere COMBINED with daily subjects taken at Sagan*


1) Students may not switch the same subject/s to a distance college course/s without one full terms notice to Sagan.


2) Students taking additional subjects through other accredited distance college, not affiliated with Sagan Academy are permitted to do so.


3) Students who drop a subject in favour of an online course must give a full terms notice for a 'dropped' subject.


4) Students not taking the required 5 subjects for IGCSE and AS/A level at Sagan Academy will be charged per subject fees taken as opposed the yearly school fees.

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