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02 / 2024 year planners

Sagan Junior 

Checkpoint Primary Stage 2 to 6


Checkpoint Lower Secondary

Checkpoint 1 -  Stage 7/grade 7

Checkpoint 2 - Stage 8/grade 8

Checkpoint 3 - Stage 9/grade 9

IGCSE - Upper Secondary (Year 10 &11)



Year 12 or A1

AS Levels


Year 13 or A2

A Levels

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03 Global Citizens

Checkpoint and IGCSE learners are encouraged to select a global awareness subject to support and promote that Sagan Academy learners;

• are independent and empowered to take their place in an ever-changing, information-heavy, interconnected world

• have an analytical, evaluative grasp of global issues and their causes, effects and possible solutions

• enquire into and reflect on issues independently and in collaboration with others from a variety of different cultures, communities and countries

• can communicate sensitively with people from a variety of backgrounds

• work independently as well as part of a team, directing much of their own learning with the teacher as facilitator

• consider important issues from personal, local/national and global perspectives and understand the links between them

• critically assess the information available to them and make judgement 

• can support judgements with lines of reasoning

• have a sense of their own, active place in the world

• can empathise with the needs and rights of others

Committed to creating GLOBAL SCHOLARS

04 / Science Lab

Sagan has a fully functioning and Cambridge International accredited Science Laboratory.


Physics and Chemistry pracs makes understanding Pure Sciences so much easier. Biology pracs make Life Sciences come to life! 


From pracs for fun to compulsory exam practice experiments for advanced level Physics, Chemistry and Biology, we provide all the equipment, chemicals  and professional supervision in a safe and controlled fully equipped lab environment.​

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