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Rethinking and recreating healthy school climates
Core Values: Rigor, Relevance, Relationships, Results
    "Sagan Academy was formed, in 2015, in the spirit of dynamic growth, disruptive innovation and intellectual pursuits. A deep understanding of the effects of zero tolerance policies in many schools has resulted in the rethinking  and recreating of a healthy school climate. Social emotional learning provides a platform for Sagan Academy to provide students with the skills to communicate and build relationships with peers, in addition to academic pursuits.' Founder - Bronwyn Ansell

Sagan Academy believes the current achievement gap reflects a systemic failure to understand how young adults learn, what motivates them to learn, and what they need in order to learn well.


Sagan Academy employ the best practices of traditional education design via international testing assessments  and  an international education curricula. Sagan Academy maintains small and personalised learning environments,  a focus on measurable results, and a truly innovative blended learning model that emphasises experiential learning, development of deeper learning skills, integration of Language, Art, Science and Technology and real-world every day  experience - and, of course, an international qualification!


Sagan uses specific learning tactics built upon the four core R values;






A vibrant learning community, like Sagan Academy, applies compassion and high expectations to inspire and empower students.




From CL Education cc to Sagan Academy Pty Ltd


CL Education was initiated  and founded in 2009 and in operation until 2015.  In 2015, one of the founding members emigrated from South Africa back to the U.K. The remaining founder member, Bronwyn Ansell, was approached by the growing online schooling community to start up a bricks and mortar school, and without hesitation a property was secured in Olivedale, Johannesburg, and Sagan Academy's doors opened in 2016.

In 2013, through the perseverance, dedication and vision of the two founding members, CL Education cc was accredited by Cambridge Assessment International Education as the FIRST and ONLY online college in the world to be awarded an Associate School approval as an attached school to British Council for exam purposes . At that stage, it was felt that the distance learning initiatives in South Africa were not progressing rapidly enough in terms of academic support that encompassed optimising online tools and the necessary support to students via electronic platforms. 


With the departure of one of the founding members in 2015, CL Education was re-branded to Educlined in 2017.  In 2017, an agreement was reached with British Council and Cambridge International that Educlined would no longer operate under the CL Education Associate school license (exam centre number: ZA272), despite CL Education being a successful pilot project. In August 2018, Sagan International Academy was registered as an Independent/Private School by the Gauteng Department of Education with EMIS number 700401003.

Sagan Academy is an accredited Cambridge International School as an Associate Partner School to British Council. Our Cambridge International Centre number is: ZA 335

In November 2023, Sagan Academy became to first British Council Partner School in Gauteng to offer IELTS as an officially registered IELTS testing centre


_Sagan Academy - LOGO new - 2020 (1).png

Sagan combines cutting edge practices in five domains: competency-based progression from Checkpoint through AS/A levels; use of a unique blended and inquiry learning that addresses skill gaps while simultaneously challenging students with higher order thinking and critical thinking style tasks; an explicit effective programmme to build cognitive confidence and self-efficacy, real-time student performance analytics; and a "limitless campus" of extended online and community-based learning opportunities supported through Google for Education technology. 


Sagan Academy's philosophy is specifically designed to increase student engagement, deepen integration and understanding, promote active    learning, and ensure personal success. 



                To build on the originality and founding vision as a systemic approach to education and educational innovations.

  • Due to the nature of the timetable, a student could attend one or a number of classes on a particular weekday. Much like a university campus.

  • Most students attend classes everyday as in a traditional school setting, whilst other atypical scenarios may include learners who do not necessarily attend every day , but would attend classes in accordance with the subject related  daily timetable.

  • In the worst case scenario, a maximum of 23 students will be in attendance at any one time. However, the norm for the number of students in a lecture room, at the same time, would be approximately 12 to 17 learners.

  • As in the case of a traditional school, the students will all be of school-going age from Checkpoint Primary, Stage 4 to Stage 6 and for Lower Secondary 1 (11 years) to Secondary 1 (14 to 16 years) AS/A levels ( 16 to 19 years).

  • Sagan Academy operates weekdays from 08h15 to 17h30, with Art and Design continuing until 18h30 on a Thursday .

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