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 Contemporary Boutique Schooling


A no nonsense approach where old world values meets contemporary teaching practices, in which, a reciprocal relationship is fostered between teacher and student in a Boutique learning environment.

Value system

From Sagan's teaching staff, we expect, not only, that students be taught the skill of critical thinking and are prepared for international  examinations, but also that students are able to envisage life beyond Sagan Academy and the challenges that would face them at university or college or in work environments.


From our students we envisage that students take ownership of their potential and that with discipline and dedication, they will reach their full academic potential.

World class

Sagan Academy strives to instill a value system that fully appreciates the sacrifices one has to make for a successful balanced life.

International Qualification

Sagan Academy offers tuition towards the internationally recognised qualifications.

Sagan Academy is an approved Independent Private School as well as an accredited Cambridge International School that offers students a complete set of qualifications from Checkpoint Primary to Checkpoint Lower Secondary to  IGCSE and  A/AS Level to obtain a fully comprehensive Cambridge International qualification from Primary School to Secondary school.  


IGCSE and  A/AS Levels allows our students to obtain an internationally recognised school leaving certificate (within South Africa), and qualifications are accepted by prestigious universities throughout the world.

What is a Boutique School?

Quality should be one of the most valued standards in education. In a society that tends toward mass production and consumption, there are still those whose primary concern is content and authenticity. Such is the idea of ‘boutique schooling’. The quality over quantity concept applied to education calls for smaller class sizes and fewer pupils in the community, which enhances the experience in several important ways. Community spirit is encouraged in the boutique school environment. This ‘boutique’ model is unique in its emphasis on relationships – moving beyond the standard of teacher to student and extending a focus on teacher to parent, student to student, parent to parent interaction, not forgetting school administrators who are far more involved with individual students than they could be in a larger school situation.

A smaller community allows for more intimate and tailored attention to individual needs. Teachers are more likely to notice any changes in behaviour or performance immediately and can take the necessary steps to address these educational capabilities right away. Smaller classes allow teachers to tailor their lessons and styles to meet the needs of individual students. With a low student to teacher ratio, area for growth and potential are quickly identified. A smaller scale and nimble academic organisation can provide the proactive quality assurance that many parents seek for their children and their own relationship with a school. This promotes among students a sense of belonging, of pride in their community, their school, and themselves.

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